Russia's War on Ukraine

Three persons look at damage caused by the shelling of Kyiv. IMAGO / Ukrinform

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a war of aggression that we condemn in the strongest possible terms. We are very worried about the people in Ukraine. With our research and expertise on Ukraine and the entire region of Eastern Europe, we at ZOiS will continue to contribute to the fact-based assessment of the situation. We also strive to maintain our contacts with researchers, journalists and artists who are in need, have had to flee, or come under political pressure, regardless of where they are located.

Our online dossier gathers relevant background information in addition to recent articles and assessments by ZOiS experts.

ZOiS Publications

External publications by ZOiS experts in academic and other journals, edited volumes, and blogs.


ZOiS Experts in the Media

Euromaidan - Chronik eines angekündigten Krieges

TV documentation by Arte with assessments by Gwendolyn Sasse (30/05/2023)

Prof. Sasse in Gifhorn: Es geht um die Zerstörung der Ukraine

Article with quotes by Gwendolyn Sasse (27/04/2023)

Erklär mir die Krim, Gwendolyn Sasse

Podcast with Gwendolyn Sasse (11/04/2023)

Die Krim: Anfang und Ende des Ukraine-Kriegs?

Assessments by Gwendolyn Sasse for BR24 (06/04/2023)

Studie zur Bildungssituation von geflüchteten ukrainischen Kindern

DieLinde article with assessments by Irina Mützelburg and Félix Krawatzek (04/04/2023)

„Frieden wollen alle“: Politikwissenschaftlerin Gwendolyn Sasse zum Ukrainekrieg

Interview with Gwendolyn Sasse for Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine (24/03/2023)

Ukraine-Verteidigungsminister: Warum ist Resnikow noch im Amt?

Article with quotes by Yuliya Bidenko (07/03/2023)

Westliche Firmen umgehen Russland-Sanktionen

Interview with Beate Eschment for Schweizer Rundunk (28/02/2023)

Das Jahr ohne Frieden - Russlands Krieg gegen die Ukraine und seine Folgen

Gwendolyn Sasse participated in the podcast from "STUDIO14, der rbb Dachlounge" (24/02/2023)

How Russia's War In Ukraine Changed Europe

Article with assessments by Gwendolyn Sasse in the Huffington Post (24/02/2023)

„Ein Regimewechsel ist nicht das Kriegsziel“

Interview with Gwendolyn Sasse and Jörg Baberowski in the taz (24/02/2023)

Ein Jahr russischer Angriffskrieg gegen die Ukraine

3Sat reporting for kulturzeit with quotes by Gwendolyn Sasse (23/02/2023) 

Retour sur 1 an de guerre en Ukraine

Interview wit Félix Krawatzek for Radio Canada (23/02/2023)

Ukraine in Our Future

Essay for The New York Review of Books by Timothy Garton Ash referencing Gwendolyn Sasse's book (23/02/2023)