Research Clusters

Societies between Stability and Change

Head: Prof. Dr. Gwendolyn Sasse

This research cluster focuses on the grey zones between the oftentimes rigid classifications of democracy and autocracy. The two concepts of stability and change highlight the dynamics of social, political, economic, and cultural changes as well as the processes that prevent or limit change.


Conflict Dynamics and Border Regions

Head: PD Dr. Sabine von Löwis

This research cluster is dedicated to the study of local state and non-state actors as well as structures that are affected by, and influence the further development of, conflicts. Of particular interest are the many new and old territorial orders connected with border changes.


Migration and Diversity

Head: PD Dr. Tsypylma Darieva

Migratory processes and their impact on societies are of more interest today than ever before. This research cluster focuses on the personal identities, networks, practices, and socio-political engagement of migrants. It also looks at approaches to religious and ethnic diversity in Eastern European cities.


Youth and Generational Change

Head: Dr. Félix Krawatzek

Youth plays a key role in the constant changes that politics and society undergo. This research cluster studies not only political activism and generational change, but also cultural practices, the identities of young people, their economic status, as well as government-initiated youth policies.


Political Economy and Integration

Head: Dr. Julia Langbein

This research cluster focuses on two interlinked processes: the correlation between the politics and economy of Eastern European countries and their economic (dis)integration on the one hand, and the effects of different economic integration strategies in Eastern Europe on the other.