Video: Ukraine Research Network@ZOiS

The State of Science in Ukraine: Innovation and Regional Dynamics in Times of War


As seen in the Ukrainian context, science and innovation are pivotal in propelling economic development and regional prosperity, even in conflict-affected areas. But science and innovation are not self-sustaining. Despite the outbreak of hostilities, Ukraine's state science system initiated reforms proactively, displaying considerable resilience through its workforce. This system is crucial for Ukraine-EU integration, but the existing knowledge of the Ukrainian case remains somewhat patchy.

In this presentation, Anastasiia Lutsenko will share the results of her empirical research of Ukrainian scientists based on the data she collected in 2022-2023 and review the relevant statistics, analysing the current state of play. Her insights reveal the intricate relationship between science, innovation, and broader regional dynamics in Ukraine.


  • Anastasiia Lutsenko is a scientific coordinator and works with Academ.City, Kyiv Academic University, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
  • Anastasiya Leukhina, UNET coordinator, will moderate the discussion.

The online discussion is organised by the Ukraine Research Network@ZOiS.