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ZOiS Spotlight 3/2023 by Vedran Dzihic

Kosovo and Serbia: Teetering on the Brink of Escalation

In recent months, the decades-long tension between Serbia and Kosovo has once again come close to erupting into an armed conflict. A political compromise appears to be an urgent necessity, but for that, the narrative of eternal enmity and intransigence must be redrawn.
ZOiS Spotlight 2/2023 by Orest Semotiuk

Ukraine: Humour as a Weapon of War

Since the start of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, memes and cartoons have become an integral part of the media discourse. Using humour and satire, they not only comment on the progress of the war but also convey values and ideological principles, making them a unique contemporary record of the unfolding events.

Russia's War on Ukraine

After a series of military, political and verbal escalations, Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on 24 February. Our online dossier gathers relevant background information from our archive in addition to recent articles and assessments by ZOiS experts.

War on Ukraine and cooperation with partners in Russia

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a war of aggression that we condemn in the strongest possible terms. Against this background, we have decided to suspend all institutional cooperations between ZOiS and Russian state institutions. However, in the spirit of academic freedom, the academic partnerships our researchers have established with individual researchers in Russia will continue, as far as this is possible.
Research Clusters

Reseachers from various academic disciplines do research in five clusters: Societies between Stability and Change, Conflict Dynamics and Border Regions, Migration and Diversity, Youth in Eastern Europe, and Political Economy and Integration.


Roundtable Osteuropa

Roundtable Osteuropa is a podcast by the Centre for East European and International Studies. Scholars of ZOiS and their guests discuss their research of Eastern Europe. We consider events in politics and society, while also trying to shed light on lesser-known issues – with insights from sociology, political science, geography, social anthropology, literary studies and theology.


External Academic Publications

Reseachers from various academic disciplines do research in five clusters and publish their result in peer-reviewed journals.