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ZOiS Spotlight 34/2022 by Félix Krawatzek

High but Fluid Support for European Integration in Poland

An online survey ZOiS conducted among young Poles confirms a generally positive attitude towards the EU but indicates that EU support is conditional upon how respondents understand Europe. Respondents are more likely to be supportive of EU integration as long as it does not interfere with the nation-state.
ZOiS Spotlight 33/2022 by Nadja Douglas

Belarus’s Role in Russia’s War Against Ukraine

The formation of a joint regional group of Russian and Belarusian armed forces in October has reignited discussions about a possible offensive by Belarus in Russia's war against Ukraine. But even if it does not come to that, as Russia's closest ally, Belarus is already paying a high price.
ZOiS Spotlight 32/2022 by Beril Ocaklı

The Violence in Kyrgyz Gold

Gold mining is a central economic factor for Kyrgyzstan. But instead of providing prosperity and development, the gold business is rife with corruption, harms the environment and threatens human life. With the nationalisation of the Kumtor mine, the country's largest, in 2021, things have gone from bad to worse.
Meet the Author | Nina Frieß and Félix Krawatzek

'States put a lot of time and effort into shaping young people’s values’

A new edited volume looks at memory discourses in different European countries through the prism of youth. Here, the editors Nina Frieß and Félix Krawatzek talk about young people as a trope and target of national memories, but also as memory actors who challenge the historical narratives to which they are exposed.
Meet the Author | Gwendolyn Sasse

'The war did not begin only in February 2022'

In her book Russia’s War Against Ukraine (Russlands Krieg gegen die Ukraine), Gwendolyn Sasse explains the Russian invasion’s political and social context and the developments which preceded it and analyses the role that Ukraine plays for an increasingly authoritarian Russia.
ZOiS Report 2/2022 by Félix Krawatzek and Piotr Goldstein

Young Poles in Times of Dramatic Change: Refugees, Identity and Social Engagement

This report exam­ines young people’s political attitudes in conjunction with their views on the arrival of over two million refugees from Ukraine in 2022, and their views on those refugees who have been trying to get into the EU through the Polish- Belarusian border since 2021.

Russia's War on Ukraine

After a series of military, political and verbal escalations, Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on 24 February. Our online dossier gathers relevant background information from our archive in addition to recent articles and assessments by ZOiS experts.

War on Ukraine and cooperation with partners in Russia

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a war of aggression that we condemn in the strongest possible terms. Against this background, we have decided to suspend all institutional cooperations between ZOiS and Russian state institutions. However, in the spirit of academic freedom, the academic partnerships our researchers have established with individual researchers in Russia will continue, as far as this is possible.
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