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Spotlight on Ukraine 8 by Andriy Fert

Is There a Russian Church in Ukraine?

After years of close communion, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church declared its independence from the Patriarchate of Moscow on 27 May 2022. Interviews with members of this church now confirm that ‘pro-Russian’ attitudes are still present in the parishes. How genuine was the separation?
ZOiS Spotlight 10/2024 | Daria Kravets-Meinke

The Sad Fate of Yandex: From Independent Tech Startup to Kremlin Propaganda Tool

In February 2024, after political and legal pressure, the Russian search and technology company Yandex sold its business in Russia to an investment fund with close ties to the Kremlin. For the time being, this seems to be the final step in Yandex’s gradual political appropriation by Russia’s ruling elites.
ZOiS Report 1/2024 by Serafima Andreeva, Klaus Dodds, Nadja Douglas, Christoph Humrich, Thomas Nawrath

New Arctic Realities: Between Conflicting Interests and Avenues for Cooperation

A new ZOiS Report analyses the various effects of Russia’s war against Ukraine on the Arctic region. The authors also assess how a baseline of coordination with Russia on the vital issues of security and climate change could be re-established for the sake of the common good.

Russia's War on Ukraine

It has been two years since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022. Our focus gathers relevant information in the form of videos, podcasts, publications and assessments of our experts in the media.

War on Ukraine and cooperation with partners in Russia

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a war of aggression that we condemn in the strongest possible terms. Against this background, we have decided to suspend all institutional cooperations between ZOiS and Russian state institutions. However, in the spirit of academic freedom, the academic partnerships our researchers have established with individual researchers in Russia will continue, as far as this is possible.
Research Clusters

Reseachers from various academic disciplines do research in five clusters: Societies between Stability and Change, Conflict Dynamics and Border Regions, Migration and Diversity, Youth in Eastern Europe, and Political Economy and Integration.


Roundtable Osteuropa

Roundtable Osteuropa is a podcast by the Centre for East European and International Studies. Scholars of ZOiS and their guests discuss their research of Eastern Europe. We consider events in politics and society, while also trying to shed light on lesser-known issues – with insights from sociology, political science, geography, social anthropology, literary studies and theology.


External Academic Publications

Reseachers from various academic disciplines do research in five clusters and publish their result in peer-reviewed journals.