Claudia Eggart is a social anthropologist and sociologist with master degrees from the Institute for East European Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin (2018) and the Central European University in Budapest (2019). At ZOiS, she is part of the project LimSpaces – Living with Uncertainty. Strategies of Adaptation and Horizons of Expectations in Ukraine and Moldova. Her research focuses on customs and border logistics at the intersection of three Danube ports in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. In particular, she investigates how the geopolitical tensions in the region affect the lived experiences of logistics workers. Claudia is also a doctoral researcher at the University of Manchester, where she is writing her dissertation on Lived Geopolitics. Re-scaling Market Infrastructures from Soviet Collapse to Backlash Imperialism at the University of Manchester. Methodologically, she employs qualitative approaches such as biographical interviews, oral history, ethnography, and discourse analysis. She was a visiting fellow at the HEX Centre of Excellence in the History of Experiences in Tampere (2021) and at COMPAS, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society in Oxford (2022).

Externally funded project

Research interests

  • Feminist and lived geopolitics

  • Customs regimes

  • Economic hubs and networks in Eurasia

  • Critical logistic studies

  • Markets