New international research network

ZOiS and DeZIM set up network to study experiences of displaced Ukrainians


The Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS) and the German Centre for Integration and Migration Research (DeZIM e.V.) are in the process of setting up the research network Forced Migrants From Ukraine in Transnational Europe: Between Personal Agency, Civil Society And The State (FORUM). The network aims to facilitate and connect research on the experiences and perceptions of Ukrainians who were displaced as a result of the war . FORUM currently brings together scholars from Germany, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden and Denmark with a range of disciplinary backgrounds and extensive expertise in the study of forced migration and Ukraine. They are particularly interested in how those fleeing Ukraine negotiate their everyday lives vis-à-vis welfare state regulations, institutional practices, and various local and transnational civil society intermediaries. The network is mindful not to reduce individuals to their experience of displacement. Therefore, it also tracks a set of political and social attitudes, reflections about individual-level identities and the role and perception of the Ukrainian state. Research will be conducted across multiple countries to better understand the role of national and local policies, practices, and cultural meanings that shape individuals’ experiences and strategies in view of forced migration. It will include face-to-face and online interviews as well as digital diaries.