Intergenerational Surveys

Intergenerational Surveys

To what extent do the historical ideas we have as citizens shape the kind of politics that we find desirable? Under what conditions are parents able to transmit views about history to their children? These fundamental questions have received surprisingly scant attention in the social sciences and are at the heart of the EU-funded research project MoveMeRU.

Transmitting views on history and the associated social values can be particularly challenging in a migration context. Families with a migration background find themselves in competition with the educational system or the wider norms that prevail in society. Moreover, people living abroad are increasingly targeted by their states of origin. Russia, for instance, has made it an explicit foreign policy goal to cater for its ‘compatriots’ abroad and increasingly mobilises Russian speakers abroad with emotional appeals to a unique Russian history. Therefore, studying Russia and Russians abroad can provide insights into the broader landscape of autocracies that employ similar policies to redefine who qualifies as a co-national and integrate populations at home and abroad.

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