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New Europe-Wide Research Network on War-Induced Migration from Russia


In the Emerging Russian Diasporas and Anti-war Movements (ERDAM) research network, researchers from various European countries will work together to investigate war-induced migration from Russia with a particular focus on pro-democracy and peace engagement in Russian migrant communities.

Since the start of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine in 2022, hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens have left their country. Researchers in various European countries are studying this new migration trend. With the aim of integrating the research being undertaken by sociologists, political scientists and social anthropologists, ZOiS researchers Tsypylma Darieva and Tatiana Golova initiated a research network entitled Emerging Russian Diasporas and Anti-war Movements (ERDAM). The interdisciplinary network will focus in particular on pro-democracy and peace engagement among Russian migrants. In this way, it will contribute to understanding the role of diasporas in peace processes. ERDAM examines forms and infrastructures of mobilisation and addresses the question of how diasporas can influence the political dynamics between countries of origin and host countries.

It brings together researchers from universities and research institutes in Armenia, Germany, Finland, France, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Norway and Poland. Through joint workshops and publications, they will advance research on war-induced migration from Russia and communicate their findings to policymakers and the wider public.

ERDAM is funded by the German Foundation for Peace Research.

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