Selected Publications

Dr. Nadja Douglas


  • Douglas, Nadja. Public Control of Armed Forces in the Russian Federation. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.

Artikel in Journals mit Peer-Review/Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Kapitel in Sammelbänden/Chapters in edited volumes

  • Douglas, Nadja; Muschick, Simon. The Withdrawal of Russian Troops from the Republic of Moldova in the Context of International Confidence- and Security-Building Efforts. In: Meissner, Christoph; Morré, Jörg (eds.). Withdrawal of Soviet Troops from East-Central Europe. National Perspectives in Comparison. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2021, pp. 297-312.
  • Douglas, Nadja. A Contested Public Space: Protest and Policing in Armenia. In: Darieva, Tsypylma; Neugebauer, Carola (eds.). Urban Activism in Eastern Europe and Eurasia. Strategies and Practices. Dom Publishers, 2020, pp. 44-51.
  • Douglas, Nadja. Leadership Norms as a Form of Internal (Self-)Control of the Armed Forces. In: Holenweger, Michael Oscar; Jager, Michael Karl; Kernic, Franz (eds.). Leadership in Extreme Situations. Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2017, pp. 131-147.

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