ZOiS Conference 2018

Gegensätze in Moskau: Die sowjetischen Wohnblocks nahe des Geschäftszentrums sollten 2017 abgerissen werden. Gegen diese Pläne hatte sich in der Bevölkerung Widerstand formiert. © Denis Sinyakov/n-ost

Contested Spaces

► The notion of space has become more prominent across the social sciences in recent years. Contestation, by comparison, has always been a central issue. Our specific regional focus on Eastern Europe allows us to link the discussions about space and contestation. What kind of spaces are contested, and by whom? At what particular moments does the contestation of space materialise, and how does it evolve over time?

The annual ZOiS Conference presents research on the relationship between state and society shaping contestation, on the public spaces of secular and religious claims, and on mapping and living with contested borders.

► The conference will conclude with a keynote by Professor Mark Beissinger (Princeton University) on “The Urban Advantage in Revolution and the Struggle for Control of Public Space”.

To download the detailed programme leaflet, please click here. The abstracts can be found here. To see the participants, please click here.


1 March

5.00-7.00 pm PechaKucha Night for Graduate Students

2 March

9.00 am Registration

9.30 am Welcome

9.45–11.15 am

Panel 1: Contested Spaces between State and Society

11.15–11.45 am Coffee break

11.45 am–1.15 pm

Panel 2: Public Spaces between Secular and Religious Claims

1.15–2.00 pm Lunch

2.00–3.30 pm

Parallel Discussion Sessions: Contested Borders

3.30–4.00 pm Coffee break

4.00–5.00 pm

Panel Discussion: Contestation and the Concepts of Space and Time

Chair: Gwendolyn Sasse
Participants: Mikhail Minakov, Magdalena Nowicka and Jelena Tošić

5.30–7.00 pm

Keynote Lecture: The Urban Advantage in Revolution and the Struggle for Control of Public Space

Mark Beissinger

7.00–9.00 pm Reception