Podcast: Roundtable Osteuropa 45

Research versus Ethics? Perspectives from the Social Sciences and Humanities


Animal testing or the use of artificial intelligence – most people know about and have an opinion on the ethics of these two academic practices from medicine and computer science. But what happens when human societies and culture become the object of research? Human interview partners, experts or eyewitnesses, writers or activists are essential to data collection in the social sciences and humanities. In every phase of a research project, researchers need to think about how they can reconcile their need to generate and publish knowledge with their participants’ (and their own) need for safety. This is especially important when researchers are dealing with vulnerable groups, operating in authoritarian regimes or facing conflicts and war. In this episode, two researchers with years of experience in Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus share their views on research ethics in the social sciences.

(Music: “Complete” by Modul is licensed under a CC BY-NC-ND 3.0-License.)

Roundtable Osteuropa

Der Roundtable Osteuropa ist ein Podcast des ZOiS. Hier diskutieren Wissenschaftler*innen des ZOiS und Gäste über ihre Forschung zu Osteuropa. Dabei gehen wir auf aktuelle Ereignisse in Politik und Gesellschaft ein, versuchen aber auch, unbekanntere Themen zu beleuchten – mit Einblicken aus Soziologie, Politikwissenschaften, Geografie, Sozialanthropologie, Literaturwissenschaften und Theologie.

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