Podcast: Roundtable Osteuropa 48

Faith and Fissures: The Contested Independence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church


The vast majority of Ukrainians are Orthodox. As recently as 2020, 14 percent considered themselves part of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), which has a distinct Ukrainian identity but historical ties to the Russian Orthodox Church. Given the notorious role of Patriarch Cyril in justifying the war, the UOC cut ties with Moscow and declared independence after the start of the full-scale invasion.

Two years on, criticism of the church has not died down, and the Ukrainian parliament is considering taking political measures against it. Why do many in Ukraine still see the UOC as a threat, and what do believers and active parishioners think of their church and its clergy? Regina Elsner and Andriy Fert give us an overview of the OUC and its place in Ukrainian society.

(Music: “Complete” by Modul is licensed under a CC BY-NC-ND 3.0-License.)

Roundtable Osteuropa

Der Roundtable Osteuropa ist ein Podcast des ZOiS. Hier diskutieren Wissenschaftler*innen des ZOiS und Gäste über ihre Forschung zu Osteuropa. Dabei gehen wir auf aktuelle Ereignisse in Politik und Gesellschaft ein, versuchen aber auch, unbekanntere Themen zu beleuchten – mit Einblicken aus Soziologie, Politikwissenschaften, Geografie, Sozialanthropologie, Literaturwissenschaften und Theologie.

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