Ausgewählte Publikationen

Dr. Piotr Goldstein


2016. Wizerunek kobiety w filozofii Platona [Image of Women in the Philosophy of Plato], Kraków: Jagiellonian University Press.

Artikel in Journals mit Peer-Review/Articles in refereed journals

2017. 'Post-Yugoslav Everyday Activism(s): A different form of activist citizenship?' Europe-Asia Studies vol. 69, no. 9: pp. 1455–1472 (The same essay was re-published in Activist Citizenship in Southeast Europe, edited by Adam Fagan and Indraneel Sircar, Routledge 2018).

Kapitel in Sammelbänden/Chapters in edited volumes

2016. 'Everyday Active Citizenship the Balkan Way: Local civil society and the practice of ‘Bridge Building’ in two post-Yugoslav cities'. In: Cartographies of Differences, edited by Gill Valentine and Ulrike M. Vieten, pp. 135-153. Peter Lang.

2015. 'Grassroots Narratives and Practices of Diversity in Mostar and Novi Sad'. In: Governing through Diversity: Migration Societies in Post-Multiculturalist Times, edited by Tatiana Matejskova and Marco Antonsich, pp. 104-124. Palgrave Macmillan UK.

2014. 'Jewish Student NGOs in Present-day Poland (1999-2013): Being here'. In: The State of Jewish Studies and Holocaust Education in Poland, edited by Lynn W. Zimmerman, pp. 38-48. Jefferson, NC: McFarland.

2011. 'Are NGO Activists in Mostar and Novi Sad All Middle-Class? (And why does it matter?)' In: Infusing Research and Knowledge in South-East Europe, edited by Dimitris Dranidis, Alexandros Kapoulas and Ana Vivas, pp. 430-436. Thessaloniki: South-East European Research Centre.

2010. 'Jewish Student NGOs in Present-day Poland (1999-2010): An insider's view'. In: Poland: A Jewish Matter, edited by Kate Craddy, Mike Levy and Jakub Nowakowski, 65-73. Warsaw: Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

2010. 'Wpływy Orientalne w Muzyce Żydów Aszkenazyjskich' [Oriental Influences in the Music of Ashkenazi Jews], with Izabella Goldstein. In: Vade Nobiscum Vol.4. Lodz: Studenckie Kolo Naukowe Historyków UŁ.

2006. 'Język toki pona jako narzędzie zapobiegania konfliktom – możliwosci i przeszkody w kontekście wydarzeń na Bałkanach'. In: Slawistyka Łódzka Issue 4/2006. Łódź: Koło Naukowe Slawistów UŁ.

Weitere Veröffentlichungen/Other publications

2020. 'Polens kreative Zivilgesellschaft in Zeiten von Covid-19'. ZOiS Spotlight 22/2020.

Active (citizen) – an ethnographic documentary.

Lit, his Team and their #everydayactivism – A 2’16 short film originally made for the informal group of activists in Lodz, Poland.