ZOiS Report 4/2018

Public Perceptions in Flux: Identities, War, and Transnational Linkages in Ukraine

Von Gwendolyn Sasse 06.12.2018

The Ukrainian state and Ukrainian politics have changed significantly since the Euromaidan, the annexation of Crimea and the onset of war in the Donbas. Previous ZOiS Reports analysed the attitudes of those most directly affected by the war – the displaced in Ukraine and in Russia, as well as the resident population of the government-controlled and non-government controlled Donbas. This report widens the focus to the overall population of Ukraine (with the exception of Crimea and the non-government controlled areas in the Donbas) and traces the most recent trends and changes in public opinion with regard to different types of identity (state identity, ethnic identity, native language), the war in Donbas (the status issue, the Minsk Agreement, US involvement in the negotiations), and individual-level links to Russia and the EU (direct migration experience, contact with family members/friends abroad).