Podcast: Roundtable Osteuropa 4

Russophone (Pop-)Culture


Russophonia recently started to get more attention from Slavic studies scholars. It occurs in Russia, the post-Soviet space and beyond, in various Russian speaking communities. As it concerns not just literature written in Russian by self-professed non-Russians, but all kinds of cultural products (music, broadcasts, etc.): we can call it Russophone culture. The phenomenon gives artists the possibility to express themselves in a language that is still widely understood in the post-Soviet space and sell their cultural products to a broader audience. At the same time, it gives certain leaders in the post-Soviet area the possibility of visibility and influence beyond the borders of their own country. In the 4th Episode of our podcast Roundtable Osteuropa Dr. Nina Frieß (ZOiS), Dr. Naomi Caffee (Reed College) and Dr. Konstantin Kaminskij (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) discuss different aspects of Russophone cultures and its influence on the post-Soviet space.


  • Naomi Caffee (Reed College)
  • Konstantin Kaminskij (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
  • Moderation: Nina Frieß (ZOiS)

Roundtable Osteuropa

Der Roundtable Osteuropa ist ein Podcast des ZOiS. Hier diskutieren Wissenschaftler*innen des ZOiS und Gäste über ihre Forschung zu Osteuropa. Dabei gehen wir auf aktuelle Ereignisse in Politik und Gesellschaft ein, versuchen aber auch, unbekanntere Themen zu beleuchten – mit Einblicken aus Soziologie, Politikwissenschaften, Geografie, Sozialanthropologie, Literaturwissenschaften und Theologie.

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