Video: Panel Discussion

'Russophone Voices' Series: “Making it happen” - Platforms for Publishing Russophone Literature


We invite you to join us for a live online conversation about platforms for publishing Russophone literature with our guests Olia Breininger (Druzhba Narodov) and Yelena Furman (Punctured Lines).


  • Olia Breininger is a writer, digital artist and literary anthropologist. She is the author of “The Was No Adderall in the Soviet Union” (finalist of “NOS” prize, half-finalist of “National Bestseller”, “Big Book” and “Russian Booker” awards) and “Visitation” (half-finalist of “FICTION35” award). Currently, she teaches at HSE as well as several other institutions in Moscow, including her own online school, and is preparing her third book for publication. Olia is also a member of the editorial board of the legendary “thick” literary journal “Druzhba narodov”.
  • Yelena Furman lives in Los Angeles and teaches Russian literature at UCLA. She has published on contemporary Russian women writers, Virginia Woolf and Dostoevsky, and Russian-American fiction in various academic journals and in Global Russian Cultures (ed. Kevin M.F. Platt). Her book reviews have appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books and The Baffler and fiction in Narrative. She and Olga Zilberbourg co-run Punctured Lines, a feminist blog on post-Soviet and diaspora literatures.

The event is part of the series Russophone Voices

Russophone Voices is the collaborative project of Naomi Caffee (Reed College, USA), Miriam Finkelstein (University of Graz, Austria), Nina Friess (ZOiS Berlin, Germany) and Marco Puleri (University of Bologna, Italy). Our purpose is to bring together authors, scholars, critics, and readers from around the world for a series of public conversations on contemporary Russophone literature.