Video: Panel Discussion

Russophone Voices at Times of War: In Conversation with Pavel Bannikov (Kazakhstan), Aleksandr Kabanov (Ukraine), Semion Khanin (Latvia)


How does Russia’s war against Ukraine affect Russophone literatures? How does one write poetry in Russian after four months of bloodshed, after Bucha and Irpin‘? In a time, when formerly Russophone poets in Ukraine and elsewhere refuse to use this language any longer and switch to others, what is its future? How can, how should Russian develop after 2022? Or maybe, in the future we should speak of different Russian languages outside Russia, so as to emphasize the different trajectories of their development? These and other questions we will discuss with the poets Pavel Bannikov, Aleksandr Kabanov, and Semion Khanin.

The event is part of the series Russophone Voices

Russophone Voices is the collaborative project of Naomi Caffee (Reed College, USA), Miriam Finkelstein (University of Graz, Austria), Nina Friess (ZOiS Berlin, Germany) and Marco Puleri (University of Bologna, Italy). Our purpose is to bring together authors, scholars, critics, and readers from around the world for a series of public conversations on contemporary Russophone literature.