Reforming the Ukrainian Energy Sector

In conversation with… Andrian Prokip (Wilson Center)

(in englischer Sprache)

The current energy market design of Ukraine is widely criticized as outdated. Ukrainian energy legislation in many aspects does not meet Ukrainian obligations under the Energy Community Treaty and the Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement. A law adopted in 2017 will create the conditions to implement the Third Energy Package, which stipulates the liberalization of the market and the transition to a competitive model in accordance with European standards. The implementation of this law gives an opportunity to synchronize the Ukrainian energy system with ENTSO-E and make Ukraine part of a single European market.

What are the prospects of reforming the Ukrainian energy sector in the upcoming election year? The Ukrainian Institute for the Future conducted a study to evaluate and assess the likely impacts of a successful electricity market reform in comparison with a scenario of its failure. Andrian Prokip will present key findings and discuss risks and benefits for Ukrainian and foreign stakeholders and the role of the reform for Ukraine’s European integration.

Chair: Prof. Dr. Gwendolyn Sasse (ZOiS)

Andrian Prokip is Energy Expert at the think tank ‘Ukrainian Institute for the Future’ and Senior Associate at the Kennan Institute of the Woodraw Wilson Center.

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